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 Read before applying.

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PostSubject: Read before applying.   Fri May 09, 2008 4:35 pm

The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy is mainly a PVE guild, currently farming Kara.
We have also made a brief start of ZA and have also made a start on 25 Man Raids.
We have cleared Gruul, with the assistance of one other guild, who we work with on 25 man raids.

Most importantly, it is a very friendly guild, with players who respect one and other. This is imo, the main attribute a guild needs to progress. What is the point of logging on, into a guild where you feel like you are in a middle of a war zone.

Before you apply, ask yourself the following questions.

Is progressing further in the world of PVE more important than being in a respectful/friendly guild?
Is looting items important to you over a more needy guild member?
Is remaining silent in the guild, until you need assistance one of your traits?

If the answer to the 3 questions above Yes, then please do not apply.

Keep in mind that we are progressing, and it is important, so good gear is required, but keeping the guild respectful and friendly is very important.

Ok...Still reading?

We are recruiting mainly raid ready players, who are respectful and mature ingame. A sense of humour is always welcome but mainly, be nice to other players.

All classes are currently considered, however, the following PVE/Raid Spec classes is desired:

Rogues, Warlocks, Mages, DPS Warriors, Prot Pally, Shammy Healers and Feral Druids.

Please, if you feel you have something to offer this guild, then apply using the application form, in the post above.

If you are accepted, you will be on a period of Trial, meaning that although you may raid, you wont have any prioirty on needing items, over other members.

This period of Trial will depend on how much you put into the guild and how often you sign up to raid, however, I would say that the trial period usually for up to 14 days.

Also, you will be required to read the forum daily to see if any new important information need to be read.

Once your trial membership has ended, you will be required to deposit a minimum of 20G to the GM per week. The purpose of this is to pay towards your repair bill following Guild only Raids.

BM Spec

Holy Spec

Prot Spec

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PostSubject: Re: Read before applying.   Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:31 pm

This post was last edited by Marest, 11th of June

I would mainly like to point out that <The Conspiracy> is always looking for more members, of any race or class. You may of course still apply even if your class is far down this list. The chances to be invited to the guild are however greater if your class is higher up on this list. That said I wish you good luck with your application and hope to se you soon in our guild!

Currently we are mainly looking for:
(Greener colour indicates larger interest)





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Read before applying.
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