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 Ariinho - Destruction Warlock

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PostSubject: Ariinho - Destruction Warlock   Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:48 pm

Character Name: Ariinho

Age: 16

Where are you from: Bosnia but live in Sweden

If not from an English Speaking country, how good is your English Language? I think its quite good and everybody can understand my speaking and i can understand yours!

Race: undead

Class: warlock

Level : 70

Talent spec: 0/21/40 Destruction

(Basic Stats ie. Spell Dmg, Attack power, HP or + Healing) 1060 spell damage 9850 health 10350 mana UNBUFFED!

Profile Link (Armory/ctprofiles etc): http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bladefist&n=Ariinho

Proffessions: Enchanting 275/tailoring 360

Alts: none

10 man instance experience/attunement: Karazhan and zul'aman

PvE experience (Heroics, Instances, 25 man raids): All heroics and Gruul's lair only!

Reason for joining: I wanna progress in my game and continue to do harder and harder things with the guild like raiding new places etc.

Previous Guilds:Fight Club

Reason for leaving your existing guild (if applies) and who is your current GM: I wanna leave because we have many slackers who dont show up to raid kara and we always have to Pug people and that's annoying! Also our Gm havent showed up on 2 raids wich is bad style. Gm is sephiroth!

When can you raid?...Please give days and times. Almost every day except when i have matches some evenings in a month!

Expectations: To continue get new gear and make some new friends!

Are you able to stay dedicated and making an active effort to raid even after you spend 3 raids in a row just wiping over and over on a new boss?: Yes I am!

When raiding, we use Ventrilo, downloadable from www.ventrilo.com. Would you be able to have such software installed and working with head set? Already installed !

Where did you hear about The Conspiracy and how to apply? From the GM in The Conspiracy!
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PostSubject: Re: Ariinho - Destruction Warlock   Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:37 am

Well, we played together, as you joined us for ZA the other night and I wa simpressed. You knew the tacticts.
We do need more warlocks and your gear is rather nice, so that is a plus.

I am not so sure about what your expectations are of how frequent the GM should raid. I as GM does actually raid quite a lot, but surely you wont expect me to raid every raid going. We raid about 5 days a week.

I am a family man. Smile I do make most raids but at the same time, I may hand over a spot to a more needing person.

The ZA run the other day, well, what can i say. You cought us at a bad time. One of the reasons for leaving your present guild, is thatr they have to pug for Kara. We dont usually need to pug and the times we do, it is usually down to exceptional circumstances. You did however meet us when we pugged you.

Usually, more officers would comment here, now but quite a lot are away atm, plus we are in the transition of changing websites.

I will accept your appliaction but I request that before you are invited, you need to register with our new website and forum at www.theconspiracy.ws

This site will not be used soon.

Once you have done that, /w ingame for invite and activation to the website.

BM Spec

Holy Spec

Prot Spec

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Ariinho - Destruction Warlock
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